A Week in Review

I was supposed to get up this morning and go waterskiing, but frankly I was wiped out from a long, stressful week. (Staying in bed was probably the right call given that the most recent update had D getting stung by a jellyfish and our friend Kevin puking over the side of the boat.)

Anyway, we spent last weekend in Pittsburg, KS, home of the Pittsburg State Gorillas and beer so cheap you thought you stepped in to 1989. In fact, on our way from the Kansas City airport to Pittsburg, we happened upon this veritable shack called The Back Door Saloon and made a u-turn on the highway so we could check it out. $1.50 pints and all the sterotypes you’ve come to know and love about small town Kansas (including the anti-abortion signs every 2.5 miles). And in case you were wondering what dress I wore, you can see a bit of it here—a blue paisley mini dress with a lemon-y cardigan for nighttime. (We actually didn’t take many photos on the night of the wedding because my camera has been on the fritz.)

We returned from Kansas on Sunday night, and on Monday morning I quit my job.

Yes, after a measly 90 days, I said sianara to my employer. Not because it was so miserable and boring I couldn’t take it (although let’s be honest—it wasn’t working out that great), but because someone else offered me something better. So I wrapped things up yesterday afternoon and am embarking on a week long sabbatical. Starting September 2, I’ll be an associate writer/editor at an ad agency in DC. Yay!

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy here. Our friends Lou & Meg (who we visited in Boston over the 4th) will be coming through town tonight, and we’ll round out the weekend with a lazy, hopefully sunny Sunday. D will leave for a quickie trip to Chicago on Monday and by Monday afternoon, I’m sure I’ll be wondering what to do with myself.

Now that I’ve unloaded the latest with me, what’s been keeping you all busy?

2 responses to “A Week in Review

  1. Yay! Congrats on your new gig! You’ll be great…

  2. Thanks! I’m very excited-slash-nervous about it!

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