In the Kitchen

I’m sort obsessed with the idea of cooking. I say I’m obsessed with the idea of it because since I moved to DC and started working, I’ve lacked the time for it. Thus, D and I usually end up grabbing something that’s made for us, whether it’s been prepared by his chef or the Thai place next door.

But now that I won’t be dealing with a lengthy commute to Alexandria, I’m hoping to get back in the kitchen, at least twice per week. (I know that seems like nothing at all, but there are other obstacles to over come such as getting to the grocery store in the city, whose house we’re staying at, etc.)

Anyway, after a busy weekend, we’ve decided to go to the store tonight and get all the fixin’s for a good dinner (thinking tofu stir-fry with jasmine rice). I thumbed through my books for some dinner ideas before visiting a couple food-focused blogs for inspiration; if you like food and are always looking for new, healthy recipes to try, add these to your list of resources:

The Little Calorie: My old friend/classmate Jessie authors this blog, which is full of recipies and tips for healthy eating. Her Things You Have On Hand department is particularly helpful for using up stuff in your kitchen. Jessie also writes, markets and sells cookbooks, so the girl knows good food!

Love and Olive Oil: A food blog by cooking couple, Lindsay & Taylor. The dishes are mouthwatering and diverse—they make everything from vegan cupcakes to sumptuous baby back ribs.

What are your go-to food resources? And how do you find (or make) the time to get in the kitchen every night?


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