Slow and Snotty Wins the Race

Or at least the hearts of my new co-workers. I hope.

I started my new job this week at an ad agency in DC. I also started it with the worst cold I’ve had in at least two years. I may have downplayed my symptoms, but I remember only a sliver of my first two days. But I can tell you that even after a week of work with poor physical health—this place and the projects are far better than my prior job. And drinking is not only accepted, it’s a requisite. In fact, I’m drinking a beer at my desk RIGHT NOW. (And yes, I went on the beer run to make up for my hacking, snotting, wheezing and near-death rattles.)

What else?

Well. DC is under a tropical storm warning for Hurricane Hanna. That’s right: Hurricane Hanna is coming to DC tonight. Can you believe that?  Do I live on the east coast or something? I guess we’re going to get torrential rains through tomorrow night (first time I’ve ever seen the Weather Channel display “100% chance of rain”) with wind gusts up to 70 MPH. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll go outside and do my best Al Roker impression for you.

So I have a feeling this weekend will be spent staying indoors, watching football and sweatpants. Which is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Weekend plans, anyone?


2 responses to “Slow and Snotty Wins the Race

  1. I am extremely jealous that you are drinking beer at your desk – and as someone who works where you used to I am all the better to appreciate the little things in life such as consuming alcohol while being paid to work.

  2. It SOUNDS great, but beer Fridays aren’t very social. It’s kind of pathetic. 🙂

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