Sunday Funday

What a weekend! Dan returned from Prague tonight, just in time to celebrate his birthday. Here’s a photo of him opening his gift; I love the look on his face upon figuring out there’s a PS3 under the wrappings.

Not surprisingly, we made a trip to Best Buy shortly hereafter to get some BlueRays (currently five minutes into 300 and it looks awesome!) and to scoop up Rock Band. We’ll be celebrating Dan’s birthday with friends next weekend, so I’m sure a little RB will be in order before we see the real thing at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

While Dan was away, I did a little shopping and attended our friends’ big salon/fitness center opening. It was astonishingly packed, and as expected, there were plenty of laughs and a plethora of people watching.

Between the jetlag and the fallout of an open bar, D and I aren’t the liveliest of characters tonight. But we had a good night together—I’m just so happy he’s home in time for me to spoil him on his birthday. I sure do love that man of mine.

Enough gush for now…hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a cheery Monday.


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