So Much for the Alma Mater

Like D said…our daughters won’t be going to Iowa.


2 responses to “So Much for the Alma Mater

  1. OMG this must have been before the Iowa State game it was super muddy!!!! I kinda feel sorry for those drunk girls, you know they felt that the next day. I tailgating that day as well but I didn’t get quite as wild. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m sure this was an instance where the bodies were actually hurting more than the pride. Well…at least until this video was posted.

    To me the whole scene is sorta scary and misogynistic. You’ve got guys spraying beer all over girls and encouraging them to kick each other’s asses…it’s just kind of sick.

    That said, I’m not above laughing at the mud in the face thing. That was great.

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