Poll: Palin as Prez

Palin as President: A nifty little flash site, updated every day through November 4. Check it out and tell me what your favorite site feature is—mine keeps changing.

(Btw, I’m using WordPress’ new polling feature, which doesn’t appear to be working at the moment. Stand by.)


10 responses to “Poll: Palin as Prez

  1. Carport — now that’s a great baby name.

    My only hope now is that the comedian voter bloc is small and unorganized. They certainly stand to benefit–more than any other constituency–from a McCain-Palin victory.

  2. Gah—Carport is totally in my poll! I love it. On a related note, you can find out your Palin family name here. So far in my office we have Stoppage Rooster (me), Snooker Hinge, Slap Spear and Moose Roadster.

    I couldn’t agree more, Jeb. And on the bright side, she makes our current president look like a Rocket Scientist. Or maybe a high school science teacher.

  3. I’d rather stay friends than have heated political discourse, but I will ask one thing. Doesn’t it seem that democrats hate on McCain, Palin, Bush, Cheney etc. more than republicans hate on Obama, Biden, etc.? I’ve never really understood that. It’s quite possible that my bias is skewing my view and that dems feel the opposite for the same reason, but gosh. What’s with the venom?

    (And, by the way, I’m not referring to you and Jeb per se, but more to the general feeling I get watching television, reading bumper stickers and engaging in political conversations among my contemporaries.)

  4. I don’t quite agree with you on the “doesn’t it seem democrats hate on McCain/Palin more than Obama/Biden.” I’ve heard and read about plenty of racial slurs and ridiculous ethnic parallels to convince me of that. (And frankly, I’ve never been a crazed Obama fan like most folks. If I had been back in Iowa, I doubt I would have caucused for him.)

    But I think the anti-McCain chitchat probably intensified once he picked Palin as his veep nominee. She’s an easy parody, but more than that, her politics are jarring for most left-leaners, which is saying something after eight years of Bush/Cheney. (Although, isn’t it interesting that we haven’t heard near the amount of misogynistic, ‘she’s a bi!tch’ comments as we did with Hillary?)

    But I do think you’re right that it’s easy to cast stones when your party hasn’t been the one in office for eight years. Some of the stuff we’re dealing with now (financial crisis, bailouts, environmental havoc) were perhaps exacerbated, but most likely well in play before Bush ever came to office. Nonetheless, it seems to be easier for people to point fingers instead of buckle down and find solutions.

  5. I definitely agree with your final paragraph (and that Hillary received a LOT of harsh comments), and I see the finger pointing on both sides.

    A lot of people will place a lot of blame on the Bush administration for the current challenges we face, and a lot of others will point out the contributions of the Clinton administration to affordable housing and more. I suppose the best thing to do would be look forward and figure out a way to make things better.

    I’ll bet a big reason we both see how the other side of the aisle can be mean and unfair is the media we choose to pay attention to. When I listen to the radio stations I frequent I hear about the ridiculousness of the left, and I’m guessing some of your inputs will focus more on the racial garbage some spew about Obama. I hope that those making the ridiculous comments are a small but vocal minority which simply receives too much attention.

    Palin is pretty gosh-darned conservative, I’ll give you that. I think the two campaigns balance out when you look at Obama’s record, though. That guy is way more liberal than a lot of other lefty politicians that keep me up at night.

  6. I need a thesaurus.

  7. I don’t much disagree with what you’ve said here, although I can tell you that I don’t listen to much the media has to say. Actually, it’s through work that I’ve realized some of the political stuff I read in leisure is off the mark on a few things.

    (Tangentially, this election more than ever, I feel I’m voting on pressing issues over party. Which is also to say that I would, given the right candidate, vote for someone a little more moderate. But at the end of the day, I’m too socially liberal to ever give my vote to someone like Sarah Palin. Just the way I’m wired.)

    And honestly, Elvis perhaps said it best when he declared: “A little less conversation, a little more action, please.”

    Because while I’m a-OK with a debate on issues between friends (how can you learn anything if you never hear dissenting opinions? And most of the time D deconstructs my arguments for fun/to see if they hold water; it’s good for me), I’m more than ready to start tackling problems instead of talking (and reading) about them.

  8. You do? I didn’t notice. My brain is zapped and it’s only Tuesday.

  9. Yeah sure, ms. “tangentially”. (grin)

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