Pesticides: No Bueno

My new job has been good for me for a lot of reasons, one of them being that I have my hands and eyes on an intense amount of information every day. This information ranges from the political to public health, to advocacy and energy.

One topic I seem to becoming well-versed in lately is pesticides and its serious health effects on expectant mothers (neurological side effects in fetuses), children (links to autism), women (tumor growth and breast cancer), and, well, all of us (Parkinson’s).

But frankly, eating 100% organic isn’t practical for me or most people I know. It’s expensive for one, and I don’t exactly have a Whole Foods at the end of my block.

However, since I know most of us fall into the at-risk group for pesticides (women and/or caretakers of children), I thought I’d pass along a handy rule of thumb for the fruits and veggies you should try to buy organic above all else.

If you’re looking for more information on pesticides, you can visit the Pesticides Action Network, or Beyond Pesticides**, two not-for-profit organizations aimed at reducing harmful pesticide usage. The stuff on lawn care might be particularly helpful if you have rugrats.

Check it out; you might be surprised. I sure was.

**I don’t work directly with either of these organizations.


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