Civic Duties

Last night I dedicated my Facebook status to remind people to vote for my candidate of choice.

This morning, a friend woke D up at 6:20A via text message, reminding him to vote.

I think both of these things are totally silly (and the latter is just rude). Honestly, no sane person living in America doesn’t know today is Election Day. At this point, folks are just deciding whether or not to vote.

I don’t care if you vote for my guy or not (and by that I mean to say that I have a strong preference but that I’m not allowing it to get in the way of interpersonal relationships). I just care that fulfill your civic duty.

So go vote. And tell me about any fun or interesting things that happen to you while you’re at your polling station. (Nothing fun happened to me, except that the guy checking in the Ms through Os didn’t know the alphabet. Took him five minutes to find my name in the MA’s. He worked backward from MU. Poor guy.)

One response to “Civic Duties

  1. “537, there are more Baldwin brothers than that.” I laughed out loud. Aw good stuff. I voted for the first time yesterday and have to say, minus the fact that the lady got extra excited it was my first time (never had that before..haha) there wasn’t anything that exciting. Oh wait, I was the only one in my voting place when I went…odd? Anyway… good stuff and happy I did.

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