New Music Tuesday: MGMT

I know, it’s been awhile, right? Well, I’m trying to get back to my roots—listening to sweet jams and blogging about nothing. (Honestly, I’m doing mostly strategy at work and I’m afraid I’m going to lose all writerly capabilities.)

Anyway, I’ve dabbled in MGMT here and there, but lately I’ve actually been listening to their latest release, Oracular Spectacular. I think you’ll dig it (if you’re not already hip).

Here are three of my favorite tracks, to which I jam regularly while working for the man.

Kids” (from their ’05 EP; I like this version better.)

Electric Feel

A Time to Pretend” (also the title track from ’05 EP)

If these tracks don’t get you to turn up the stereo and perhaps brush a little dirt off your shoulder, well…you  might want to check yourself.

Thoughts? Share ’em.


3 responses to “New Music Tuesday: MGMT

  1. oh yeah yeah thanks for the jams

  2. I heart MGMT. I really got back into them with Time to Pretend when they recently had it for a preview for an upcoming movie. Good Stuff.

    Have you heard “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” soundtrack yet?

  3. I haven’t! Maybe I’ll check it out this afternoon as I toil away.

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