Want to come to DC for Inauguration Day?

Well, it’ll cost you.

Residents are renting out their homes and apartments for as much as five figures; a colleague listed her home (in my neighborhood) for $25,000; another colleague listed his home in Virgina for $8,500. Keep in mind, these are weekly rates.

Not too surprisingly, the demand for accommodations is there. Today Mayor Fenty estimated that between 2 and 3 million people will travel to DC for inauguration.

I’ve been bugging D to rent his place out. He lives by George Washington University, Georgetown,  the metro and is about a 25-minute walk from the White House. I say it’s a no-brainer. What say you?

You’re probably wondering why I’m not renting my place. Truth be told, I’d be all over it, but by then I’ll have moved into the house I’m watching, and something tells me the owner wouldn’t appreciate it. (That said, if we’re on a first-name basis and you really want to come to DC for the inauguration, let me know; I’ll have room.)

5 responses to “Want to come to DC for Inauguration Day?

  1. for the record, i voted heck yes. i just don’t want the person to steal my tv.

  2. Go buy a tube tv at a pawn shop for no more than $200 and replace your nice one with it. Bam.

    You can keep your nice one at my place.

  3. Ha. Good idea. He does have a spare. However, the problem with a 46-inch TV is that it’s incredibly hard to move. I say he asks for a huge deposit to cover the cost of any damages/replacement.

  4. I kept the original box and packaging with my 42″, and it’s not too bad. It’s still heavy and I imagine I would be awfully careful, but in its box and strapped down there’s no reason to worry about it getting damaged, I would think.

    A deposit is smart thinking. Very smart.

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