Check, 1-2-3

Hi there. Just a quick note to assure you all that I’m not dead, sick, unhappy or buried in terrorist-induced rubble.

Work has been beating the pants off me; I’m getting ready to move; I just started Christmas shopping (and am a long way from done); and am preparing for an extended stay in the Hawkeye State.


The good news is that, while I’m doing a horrible job keeping up with all of you (honestly, I know I suck and I’m sorry), I’m feeling fine, doing well and not wanting to crawl under my desk and cry…which is somewhat of a moral victory considering the major sh!t storm that hit our office last week. (Let’s just say that when MSNBC puts your latest work on shout, you start to wonder whether all press is really good press.)

Anyway…I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you soon and hope to post a bit more over the weekend as I get settled in my new digs. That’s right—no more old lady apartment for Megan. Instead, I’ll be house-sitting a friend’s beautiful house for six months while she’s on assignment in China. Who’s excited for no more roaches? Me! (Not sure about Ella.)

In the interim, you can follow along on Twitter; I still post there a few times a day. And you can listen to a few jams that have been getting me through work.

Spoon, Don’t You Evah

Le Loup, We Are Gods, We Are Wolves!

White Williams, Route to Palm – NEW!


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