A Day in Numbers

7: the morning hour at which D called to tell me that the airport was crazy busy. My flight was scheduled for 2:10P. 🙂

9185: the best DirectTV station for holiday music (though they get a demerit for playing Celine Dion’s cover of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas.”)

3: cab rides taken

45: dollars spent on cabs

7-11: the kind of cup driver #3 held in front of his face to keep the police from seeing him. (He actually told me, “I can’t let the police see me. I don’t have green teekit paper.”) 

1/2: bagel eaten and total foodstuffs thus far

90: minutes spent looking for a lost cat

911: number I almost dialed to extract said cat from an old fireplace

2: times I tried to climb up into chimney (and realized it could be the end of me)

5: times I went into hysterics thinking said cat was stuck and/or dead in the chimney

15: treats I gave Ella for not being dead

6: pieces of duct tape used to wrap plastic over the fireplace

610: time at which I’ll attempt to fly home (again) tomorrow morning

1: the class in which I’ll be flying since I was nice to the guy at the ticket desk. The red, puffy eyes probably didn’t hurt.

Tell you what, that little neurotic fur ball is going to break my heart one day.  The good news is that she’s fine, I’m fine, and I cut my losses early at the airport and am optimistic I’ll have better luck tomorrow. (Note: Christmas spirit has officially hit. Whoo!)

It’s time to finally rustle up some grub and settle in for the night. More updates coming from the Hawkeye state.


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