Wonder, Light, Merriment, etc.

Hello, friends!

It’s been awhile, right? Or is time just passing like old molasses? At any rate, we’re back in DC after an extended stay in Cedar Falls, IA with family and friends. Our flight home was canceled on Saturday, so we ended up driving to Minneapolis bright and early yesterday morning to catch a flight back to DC. The drive was fun, the flight was fine, and I wasn’t sure I’d say this—but it feels good to be back. Also? I’m off work until Friday! I’m already sad that Monday is winding to a close (a first, I’m sure).

I’m also happy to report that the intarwebs is working here at the new pad. Hopefully this yields a few more work-from-home days and blog updates. In fact, I got a snazzy new camera for Christmas, so here’s hoping I have more photos to share in 2009.

I’ll start out with these three, which include D and me being goofy on Christmas night and where I found Ella upon returning home. The latter two also provide a peek at my new digs.


(Have I mentioned how blessed I am to have this guy around?)



Now. On to New Year’s. What do you guys have cooking?


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