Poll: Should we attend an inaugural ball?

Here’s the rational for ‘yes’:

  • It’s basically a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
  • We likely won’t be living in DC for the next inauguration.
  • We might make some good professional connections (should we attend the Iowa ball).
  • We might get free tickets (if we attend the West-Southwest ball).

The rational for ‘no’:

  • Unless we go for the West-Southwest ball (with the possibility of free tickets), the price tag could reach $450 per person (tux rental = $$$).
  • Chances of moving back to Iowa at this point (re: professional connections) is slim.
  • One of D’s internet pals described inaugural balls as “prom for d!ckwads,” which seems pretty believable.

D also offered this rhetoric: “Why is this a once in a lifetime opportunity? Is it because Obama is a once in a lifetime president? And if that’s the case, why would that change the quality of the ball? If we all continue to be stellar people doing stellar things, I honestly doubt this will be the last time in our lifetime that we will have the opportunity to attend a presidential ball.”

Good point. But what say you?

And, as a follow-up to the last poll, it seems that D will rent out his apartment over the inaugural week, to a friend’s sister. No price-gauging here!


One response to “Poll: Should we attend an inaugural ball?

  1. Absolutely meh. Not everyone gets this chance, but only if it’s free. 🙂
    Combo pack. It’s definitely a sweet opp, however 450 bones is damn steep! Maybe go to your favorite local hangout & watch it on TV with your fellow DC-folk. That alone would be a cool experience…& at the rate of a couple pitchers of brew. My thoughts.
    Miss you!!

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