My pet peeves today are:

1. Having to listen my co-worker (whom I genuinely like) chew his food.*
2. Young account managers who “ROFL” or “LOL” after every sentence in IM. Honestly, “I’m hungry,” shouldn’t have you rolling on the floor laughing or laughing out loud.

I’ll offset these complaints with two funny/positive things about today:

1. I unknowingly wore my shirt backward for the first four hours of the day.
2. I’m having lunch with an old coworker who is now the director of communications for a big wine and spirits association. Hopefully we’ll talk shop and I’ll get some insider tips on wine.

Also? Thursday is one day closer to Friday. And it’s my favorite day of the week. 🙂

*Backstory: Before Christmas we allowed our biggest client to rent a floor in our office. As a result, the copywriter and I share small office that we affectionately refer to as The Lounge (and only because the Dorm Room was already taken. It has ghetto spluge carpet, crazy old office furniture and a breathtaking view of the concrete building 20 feet away. My colleague and I get along great and plan to optimize our space with old college posters, lava lamps and tapestries. Nonetheless, the eating thing is gross.

UPDATE: The very best thing about today. I may or may not have teared up at the sight of it.

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