Happy Inauguration!

Quick post before heading up to an inauguration party:

DC is bananas.

The president drove past my house last night. Though I suppose technically, it was probably George Bush.

As a result of work and feeling under the weather, I won’t be going down to the Mall this morning. I feel pretty OK about it; I’d be more upset if I hadn’t seen Obama and Biden speak over the weekend. I might get crazy and walk down towards the parade route a little later.

D, on the other hand, is driving top Obama advisor David Axelrod all day today.  It probably sounds cooler than it actually is; D is running on two hours sleep (he was driving around DC from 12:30-4:30A with the previous driver trying to get his pass for today) and will likely be sitting ass for most of the afternoon. However, D said Axelrod has been very  nice so far and  has told him a couple of interesting things about Obama:

  1. He vetoed the “Yes We Can” slogan straight out of the gate. Michelle insisted he use it.
  2. He also vetoed his now infamous logo until catching hell from Michelle and friends.

The Obamas brought the Bushes a parting gift! Maybe Axelrod knows what it is?

‘Tis all for now; need to get cleaned up and get going. Hope you all enjoy this great day.

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