1.) Blonder than bargained for.

2.) Sorer than I could have imagined. (D crafted a weight-lifting routine for me.)

3.) Tried Vietnamese food again; much better than the first time.

4.) Warm enough to wear my favorite yellow flats. Yes, around my 6’4 boyfriend.

5.) Kangaroo pockets, no matter how cute*, always seem to tear at the seams. Dangit.  I’m not changing.

*This shirt is dry-clean only? I’ve been washing/drying it for a month. Could explain the hole, eh?


2 responses to “Saturday

  1. Flats! You are lucky, I am still in big winter boots.

  2. I know! It’s was 66 here today. I hope it lasts—it’s been way too cold here for way too long.

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