Important Matters

1. The president just said, “mmkay?”

2. PAY YOUR TAXES. That’s it and that’s all.

Except for this. And this. Is anyone else as hooked on The Bachelor as we are? We watch with our friends every Monday night. An internet friend (whom I have not physically met yet) is even planning a DC business trip around the show’s finale in March. It’s going to be the craziest show finale party of all time. Let me know if you’re watching too; I’m trying to come up with a Bachelor-themed dessert based on one of the contestants and would love to brainstorm.

UPDATE 2/10/2009: Speaking of taxes, this spot by the Maryland comptroller is currently getting a lot of buzz out here. Hasn’t Maryland done some kind of crazy video/ad spot before?


5 responses to “Important Matters

  1. 1. James and I laughed over this as well. Obama rules. I haven’t watched a presidential news conference in its entirety (and without filling with rage) in, well 8 years.
    2. Yes, yes, and yes! So obsessed! Only 14 more minutes! Trying to figure out how to get work done and watch the bachelor during real time. Bachelor obviously takes precedence πŸ™‚ Can I come to your finale party? Can the dessert be of past contestants? If so, I think it should be an overdone cupcake (Stephanie)… cupcake would be bursting at the seems/over the top with gooeyness, and the cupcake liner should be bedazzled, and the frosting should be overly decorated. Can cupcakes have accents?

  2. Oooooh I can’t wait for the Deanna drama.

  3. I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL SEASON FOR DEANNA DRAMA. Sigh. What could she possibly be doing? We (our group of regular watchers) have a theory that she came back not to tell Jason she wants him back, but to give him advice.

    I may have to include you in these weekly emails to get more of your insight. But I love your dessert ideas—the only one we’ve come up with so far is Shannon’s Boogery Brownies. With some sort of powdered sugar or confectionery decoration to denote the napkin bits. Gross. But yes, the desserts can definitely include past contestants (this season only, though. Which includes DeAnna!)

    Btw, I’ve been on Team Jillian for weeks. What say you?

    P.S. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Was wondering about Red in the Head!

  4. Deanna – you think so? The only thing makes me think otherwise is the major crying scene they showed of Jason on the balcony at the end of the preview last night. But they could be tricking us with the magic of editing πŸ™‚ Who knows, but I have been waiting for it all season too!

    Weekly emails – would love that! I think I need to move to DC for a few weeks.

    Dessert Ideas – love it. You could also do dove shaped cookies, break ’em up a little and serve them in paper bags. And then maybe say a eulogy while you eat them. Um, how crazy was her family? I wanted to punch both her parents.

    I AM ON TEAM JILLIAN ALL THE WAY!!!! If he doesn’t pick her, he’s crazy. She’s by far the coolest and I loved her family. Her Canadian accent rules. Plus she has a cool job.

    Anyhoo… glad to be back to the blogosphere… man, work can really suck. Are you guys getting excited for your Steamboat trip?

  5. At first I thought so too, but the producers are so tricky, I think they’re trying to fool us. But time will tell! I will definitely include you in the next round of emails. Heck, you should just come back to DC with us from Colorado to attend the finale!

    I agree with you 100% about Jillian, but none of my fellow viewers like her. They don’t think she’s cute (I do) or interesting (because she’s mature and not crazy).

    Also agree about work. At some point we’re going to have to become independently wealthy and only work on stuff we really love.

    Getting very excited for Steamboat. I may or may not have worn my new snowpants, hat and mittens whilst cleaning the house last night. πŸ™‚

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