Oh, doctor

Dan, teaching Megan how to do heel and toe turns on the snowboard: You’re not trying! You’re being a chicken. You need to really wipe out. Then I’ll know you’re trying.

[Megan makes a few successful turns and then wipes out hard. Cries.]

Medic: Are you OK? Need a lift?

Dan: Nah, she’s fine. [Medic drives away. Turns to Megan.] Do you need a doctor?

[Megan cries.]

Dan: Guess I shouldn’t have told you to wipe out. But good job!

The truth is, I thought I’d be a lot better at this. And I suppose I have the technical stuff down. But breaking your bum really takes a toll on the ‘ol confidence. Forget pride; I lost that taking a dive off the ski lift.

Nonetheless, and you wouldn’t have been able to tell 20 minutes ago, but this is the best vacation I’ve ever taken. And I still can’t forsee going back to skis. But damn, skiing came easier..

According to my calculations, I burned nearly 1,700 calories yesterday. I need to man up and take a few more runs in order to earn the irish car bomb that’s waiting for me in two hours. Oh, doctor.


2 responses to “Oh, doctor

  1. as it happened, it was hot tub + dr. mcgillcutty’s. my face feels about 800 degrees. farenheit. 🙂

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