…And Back Again


Ah, man. Vacation was really great. I was daydreaming about it at work today. Here were my favorite things:

1. Hanging out with Dan. The ‘why’ is worthy of its own blog post. Suffice it to say: I love that guy.

2. Wearing snow pants and comfy clothes all the time.

3. Learning (sort of) something new.

4. Getting a great physical workout each day.

5. Sleep! Aside from our last night when I promised to rally, we were in bed by 10:30 and up before 7 to get on the slopes.

6. Getting to know more of Dan’s friends from law school. Great group of people.

7. Sitting under the stars in a hot tub. So pretty; so good on the muscles.

There were many more memorable moments of course. We had a frighteningly turbulent flight into Denver (viva le barf bag); both the toilets broke in our condo; I really hurt my bum (hasn’t gotten better, I’m afraid); our flight home was canceled which landed us in Chicago in the guest room at Dan’s sister’s house; and we came home and were greeted by a 60-year old cab driver jamming to Janie’s Got a Gun and five inches of snow (was DC trying to be ironic?).

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I’d handle a cold weather vacation, but I loved it. I’d do it again and again. My only regret is not taking enough photos. But sometimes you’ve just got to shut the thing off and live it instead, right? Nonetheless, there are a few here.


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