Brangelina in the District

Dan has all the luck.

Earlier today, Angelina Jolie was in front of his office filming scenes for her new movie, SALT. He walked downstairs with two co-workers and stood within five feet of her; a co-worker yelled, “We love you!” and she waved, smiled and thanked them. Here’s an action photo taken with his co-worker’s cell phone—magically, Dan’s camera decided not to work.

Angelina Jolie in DC

D has also seen Keifer Sutherland shoot scenes for 24 out here (actually, this corner has been in a few movies/shows…Burn After Reading and The West Wing also come to mind); and he hung out with David Axelrod whilst driving  him around DC for inauguration. Admittedly, the Axlerod thing wasn’t fun for him, but it’s still cooler than anything I’ve done recently. The only celebs I’ve been up close and personal with since moving here are John Kerry and Newt Gingerich. Zzzz.

In case you’re wondering where Brad is, the Post reports:

Brad Pitt met yesterday with Energy Secretary Steven Chu; he’ll meet today with Nancy Pelosi to discuss reconstruction efforts in New Orleans, her office said.


4 responses to “Brangelina in the District

  1. kristi Omdahl

    oooo fun! Did he say if she looked as good in person?

    PS – your vaca to Steamboat looked fun! Sorry to hear about your bum bum – falling on your knees and butt is the worst when snowboarding – hurts so dang bad 🙂

  2. I don’t know, I didn’t ask! (I just assumed she did.) Dan, what say you?

    Vacay was super. Knees still bruised, but FINALLY felt improvement on the backside today. I thought I was going to have to bring a donut to work!

  3. OMG – those donut things are hilarious… my pregnant friend had one at work because she fell – which isn’t funny – but funny that she had to haul it around to all of our meetings at work. Glad you didn’t have to do that 🙂

  4. She did look good in person. I was impressed with how nice she was to everyone watching.

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