What are you doing next week?

Have an hour? Great. I have a homework assignment for you:

Go get your skin checked.

Bonus, if you schedule in the month of April, you’ll likely beat the rush of people getting screened during National Skin Cancer Month (May), and will get in ASAP like I did.

I’m rocking a belly full of stitches right now, but relieved that it’s over. So let’s hold good thoughts for my dearly departed skin abnormality over the next two weeks, which, might I add, is way too long to wait for a test result.

On a New Music Tuesday-related note, my doctor brought in his iPod to do the resection today and asked if I was familiar with Mason Jennings, which struck me as odd since I know one other person who knows of and enjoys Mason Jennings. It turns out that the doctor and Jennings went to high school together.  So we listened to some of his newer tunes,  which you can partake of on Jennings’ web site.

For now, I’m heading to D’s where I’ll continue  fretting that I have three weeks to live and will never see our wedding day or have our babies, and he’ll  cheer me up by making fun of my stomach.


2 responses to “What are you doing next week?

  1. Sheryl (Brandy W. Mom)

    So funny you had your skin looked at as well. I just did that yesterday and had a spot removed from my back. My Dr. told me it would take 2 wks. before we know anything. That’s a long time to wait!

  2. I agree! In fact, I did a little web sleuthing to figure out if two weeks was the normal wait time. Looks like it is. And looks like we’ll be waiting together. 🙂

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