Springtime Visitors

It feels like yesterday that were celebrating my birthday; now here it is the fifth of  April!

Thankfully,  the last few busy weeks of work has been broken up by visitors. My friends Justin and Brandy journeyed from Colorado to spend a few days in DC and I was happy to host! I underestimated how nice it would be to have some of my people here and was sad to see them go.




This past weekend, D’s dad came out for a visit. I can’t speak for D, but it seems like the two of them had a great time catching up and telling stories. They were nice enough to let me tag along for most of the weekend, which included a trip to the Air and Space Museum Annex (after hearing about Justin and Brandy’s great visit there, we had to go), some NCAA action, a stroll through the National Zoo to see its three pandas eat some lunch and a random trip out to Fairfax, VA to watch a George Mason University baseball game.




I’ll spend the next week and a half resting up and getting ready for my next visitor: Kate! She visited me about this time last year, when I had just moved to DC. It’ll be fun to spend a long weekend with her here now that I’m not so wet behind the District ears.


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