Whoa, Spring. Whoa.

April 21? Spring is flying by! Here’s what’s been keeping us busy:

Mikey B. had a birthday. Lots of laughs were had while catching up with visiting friends from New York.

Work kept me busy and has included a couple of field trips and a new hire which I’m hoping will [finally] take some of the pressure off. D has been busy with work as well, and even took a field trip to just outside Scranton, PA, home of The Office.

Last Thursday, one of my oldest and best friends came to visit from Milwaukee.  We kicked things off with an afternoon of shopping and R&R, dinner at Jaleo and an evening out.

Saturday, we grabbed a few folks and took in our first roller derby match. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turns out that sitting in a hot gym, drinking tall boys and watching a bunch of kick ass girls fight it out for points was pretty fun.

After the match, we went to a neighborhood Mexican restaurant and waited an hour and a half for what would become the worst dining experience of our collective lives. To liven things up, we serenaded Kate for her birthday…which is technically in August.

Before Kate left, we walked down to the National Mall to check out the Earth Day festival. It doesn’t look like much, right? Chevy Chase was the emcee; we saw a few moderately famous people and Los Lobos before we took off to avoid incoming inclement weather.

We also hung out with the BFG, aka, Albert Einstein.

All in all, it’s been a busy and interesting few weeks. D, I’m sorry to report, is still suffering from Saturday’s dinner, and I’m rocking a new, larger set of stitches after having my second skin surgery* today.

We may be a couple of sad sallys right now, but I think we’ll be back on our respective feet in time to enjoy what’s coming next: Capitals playoffs, Orioles games, becoming Nationals fans (they need a few) a Capital Funk showcase, and celebrating upcoming weddings and births with family and friends.

*Here’s hoping the next time someone operates on my stomach, I get something for my trouble. Like an organ I can encase in formaldehyde and place on a bookshelf. Or a baby.**

**Did I just say that?


3 responses to “Whoa, Spring. Whoa.

  1. Oh my goodness! Your hair is getting so long! Looks good 🙂 And good to see you on here!

  2. Thanks! It’s out of control and I have no idea what to do with it. I have to decide before my Saturday hair appointment.

  3. Hhhhmmm… you can pull of off the long or short, so whatever you decide will look cute!

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