A Class Act

Reposted from May 18, 2008, in memory of the awesome Bea Arthur.

UPDATED: Jezebel has a nice write-up and round-up of links about Bea Arthur’s feminist legacy.

I love the Golden Girls. I miss having Lifetime because they showed the Golden Girls every afternoon before Oprah. (Oh, unemployment…those were the days.)

Anyway, the Golden Girls introduced me to Bea Arthur, who recently had a birthday. This information led me to a series of Bea Arthur clips and videos, including this 70s-era duet with Rock Hudson about illegal substances.

I know—I couldn’t believe it either. But we can all thank Ow! My Sweet Eyes! for enlightening us.

One response to “A Class Act

  1. Hahaha…oh I did the big laugh. That is simply awesome. Oh Bea, you vixen you.

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