Sex, Candy and Friday Mornings / Like Disco Lemonade

If you have played organized sports, you know that the first two weeks of the season were murder. Two-a-day practices, and a body so sore you could barely complete essential activities like bathing and eating.

The last two weeks have been like that for me, but from a mental perspective. I didn’t know it was possible, but my brain actually hurts at the end of the day.

In a strange twist, D hasn’t been that busy. So while I’m suffering through new campaign launches and the markup of the Waxman-Markey climate bill in the House*, D is coming up with “sweet new mix tapes.”

Here’s a snippet of this morning’s conversation.

D: Last night I came up with the sweetest mix tape of all time. It will rival my “Don Henley Get Women in the Sack” mix.

M: Nice.

D: I’ll send you the track list. It started with one-hit wonders from our high school years, but had to add a few more. What do you think?

M: [reads track list] I don’t like [Rob Thomas’] Smooth. Or [Marcy Playground’s] Sex and Candy.

D: You don’t like Sex and Candy? Boooo. That one’s staying for sure.

M: We’ve had this convo before!

D: No we haven’t.


D: We have never sat down and discussed the merits of Marcy Playground.

M: No, but I told you that the song was horrible and you disagreed. I think there was wine involved.

D: You’re delusional, woman. Regardless, how about you stop tearing me down and start building me up with additional suggestions!

My brain probably would turn to mush if I didn’t have him around to liven things up.

So I’ll start the weekend by amending his playlist (the parameters: hit songs from 1996-1999—feel free to leave your favorites in the comments!).  You can see the current playlist after the jump.

The rest of our plans include more hockey playoff games, baseball and getting ready for a visitor next week: My dad!

For now, it’s back to the climate bill.

*Before I moved to DC, I assumed any job I took would have no connection to the Hill. I made a very poor assumption.

Current track list for a mix sweeter than the Don Henley Get Women in the Sack Mix, (which includes jams from Don Henley, Peter Gabriel, Sting, etc.)

The parameters: Hit songs from 1996-1999

1. Freshman: Verve Pipe
2. The Way: Fastball
3. Bittersweet Symphony: Verve
4. Loser: Beck
5: Inside Out: Eve 6
6. Semi-Charmed Life: Third Eye Blind
7. Slide: Goo Goo Dolls
8. Save Tonight: Eagle Eye Cherry
9. Sixth Avenue Heartbreak: Wall Flowers
10. Novacaine for Soul: Eels
11. Peaches: Presidents of the United States
12. Sex and Candy: Macy’s Playground
13. Time of our life: Green Day
14. Closing Time: Semisonic

We already have a few suggestions, which include Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping.” Clearly, more suggestions are needed to kick this one out of the running.


2 responses to “Sex, Candy and Friday Mornings / Like Disco Lemonade

  1. I take it he’s not looking for pop-hop of the late 90’s for this particular sweet mix tape? Mo Money Mo Problems, Hard Knock Life & Rosa Parks come to mind.

    But how ’bout these favorites?…

    Popular: Nada Surf
    Sucked Out: Superdrag
    Wonderwall: Oasis

  2. Boogie, those are some great suggestions.

    Pop-hop will be a separate album — my buddy and I already started forming that tracklist this afternoon over gchat.

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