It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

…although these days, it feels more like we’re sprinting marathons.

We spent the long holiday weekend in New York City (New York City!) hanging out with friends, one of whom is currently in the Broadway production of Accent on Youth, starring David Hyde Pierce  (best known as Niles from Fraiser).

After the show, we got to hang out backstage with the cast. DHP was nice enough to indulge the out-of-towners and came to our friend’s dressing room to say hello. I decided it would be really uncool to ask him (or the other castmates, who you’ve seen in Murphy Brown and Cocktail) for a photo, but here are a couple of us.

But here’s a fun fact: When DHP shook my hand, I noticed that he was wearing a wedding band on his left hand. A week or so later, he came out publicly and stated that he and his long-time partner had indeed gotten married.

We also took in a game at the new Yankees stadium. It was cool, but the weather was hot. And I fell asleep in my seat. (Isn’t that the mark of an old person?)

Before we left, we squeezed in a little urban hike and a fun BBQ on the roof.

Then, five days later, we were on an airplane to meet D’s new nephew, Charlie.

I got to hold him, too.

Full of ooey gooey baby love, we came back to DC where we began the intense search for an apartment. The apartment shopping process has been interesting so far, and we’re hoping that we’ll have a lease signed at a place in the next 24 hours.

The process has also demonstrated that I’m completely out of touch with real-world pricing. As I was trying to find the office contact information for my last apartment in Colorado, I noticed that we could rent a ginormous three bedroom, two bathroom penthouse in my old building for a mere $1650 with a $350 deposit. What a steal! My brain is DCified, fo sho.

More to come on the new digs, whenever I get final word. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


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