Plan B

Now that I can walk to and from work, I find myself being better able to catch up on podcasts. (There was something about listening to talk radio in a packed, moving Metro car that made me want to verrrrpt. When I’m feeling ill, I prefer quiet.)

It takes me a couple of walks to get through an entire episode of This American Life, but I usually complete one segment per trip.

Today, I started segment #205: Plan B. The jist being that we all start out with a Plan A, and we all nearly end up switching to Plan B at adulthood and it becomes our life.

This is most certainly true for me, and for D (though I won’t speak for him more than that), and it’s something I’ve been struggling with for the last few months.

The problem is that up until recently, I’ve been happy with my Plan B. Plus, it turns out I’m pretty good at it and can make a good living staying right where I am. And, history tells me that as long as I’m working with and for the right organization, I genuinely like and get excited about my Plan B and can raise the visibility of worthy organizations in need of a lift.

The risks of trying to resume Plan A are obvious. Take a pay cut. Forgo benefits package. (Ugh. Obama: let’s get going on national healthcare, mmkay?) Take a chance at failure. Accept the possibility that I could be better at Plan B than at Plan A and/or that Plan B makes more financial sense for me, D and future little me and Ds (hello, cart! Meet horse!).

However, the payoff could be great. Fulfilled life goal. Continued education. Expanded worldview. Flexible schedule. Fame and fortune (ha!). And I suppose the risk is tempered by the fact that I can revert back to Plan B at any time. That’s what it’s there for, right?

The fact of the matter is that Plan A has felt like a dormant monkey on my back for the last five years, and I finally feel as if it’s been awakened, where it now hangs groggily, rubbing eyes and feeling confused.

So. What am I going to do about it? Quit my job? Probably not. At least not tomorrow. For now I’m kicking around a couple of ideas and generally soaking up the idea of what me + Plan A + D + the next year could look like.

Sigh. I’ve been waiting to get that out of me for awhile. Apologies for the self-indulgent post.

What about you guys? How many of you are living Plan B? How many of you daydream about going back to Plan A?


3 responses to “Plan B

  1. You don’t mention what Plan A is, but I want you to know that I totally support your new career as the bearded lady in the carnival. If you come through Pueblo for the Colorado State Fair, let me know.

  2. What a pal! Thanks for the support. I plan to set up shop at Bishop’s Castle, so I’ll be in the neighborhood.

  3. As someone who is at the beginning of the Plan A Journey, I can tell you this:

    It’s worth it.

    I haven’t even GOTTEN anywhere, and it’s worth it.

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