Meeting Obama

In addition to being over the moon about our engagement, I am also thrilled to report that our friend Tyler, who works for Michelle Obama in the West Wing (!) took a group of us to the White House last Sunday for a private tour of the West Wing.

I have very few photos since you’re only allowed to photograph outside of the White House and in the press room, but here are a few things worth noting:

1. The security detail is incredible. I’ve never seen so many people with guns.  Lots of women, too, which is cool.

2. It’s surprisingly small. The ceilings on the first floor are about eight feet high.

3. In the press room, there’s a seating arrangement for the media. I like to imagine that this is so the president can avoid reporters who have written crappy things about him the prior day.

4. The lunch menu for the staff includes a la cart items like edammame, “veggie” sausage (those quotes are curious, eh?) and the staff favorite: chicken fingers.

5. The Situation Room is located right next to the kitchen and mess hall. It’s kind of hilariously awkward.

6. The entire West Wing is decorated with official White House photos that are changed out regularly. These were especially cool to see blown up:

Some of the photos never make it to the White House Flickr page, and those were cool to see.

7. The oldest piece of furniture in the West Wing is from the 1700s. It holds the public records of each president; they are bound like novels and have the presidents’ names on the spines.

The Oval Office and rose garden were closed to us since the president was afoot,  but our disappointment quickly ended when the president opened his office door and said hello to us! He shook our hands and asked how we were enjoying the tour.

Can you believe it? I really, really can’t. I was awestruck and couldn’t even offer up a “Hello, Mr. President.” He was wearing black slacks and a white polo t-shirt, if anyone’s interested in those kinds of details. D thought he gave a wimpy handshake, I thought it was solid.

While we don’t have photos of our big moment with the president, we did manage to snap a few before leaving the largest office in the land:

More photos on Flickr.

Engagement and meeting the president in one weekend. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.


5 responses to “Meeting Obama

  1. Wow! That is bomb! Lucky girl, you 🙂

  2. It was! We are so lucky! I just remember being shuffled outside after shaking his and and looking at D like: Holy. Crap.

    Best weekend ever.

  3. I would say so! Engaged… Obama encounter. I’d be speechless too – which is probably a good thing. If I were in your shoes I would have said something completely lame.

  4. Wow! Congrats, that’s great news, and meeting the prez is pretty cool too!

  5. I can still hardly believe it. Such fun. And Kristi, the guy beside me totally did say something lame…which probably helped me keep my trap shut.

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