Fistful of Swoon

As most of you know, I’m getting old and crusty, and therefore don’t go out much on school nights. Last night I was a rebel. I broke rules and had a grand time doing so.

We started with an office cocktail party at a nearby bar to raise funds for a non-profit organization that gets gently used computers to young students in Guatemala. The party was sponsored by Midori (which our office manager/bartender used to concoct a most refreshing summer beverage) and was filled with photo ops for Washington Business Journal. It might be the most industry-related thing I do whilst here (which is fine by me).

Afterward, a group of us went to the new W Hotel bar  (a reservation gifted to us by office mate). Admittedly, the place is a little too Hollywood (velvet ropes, etc.), but the views, as promised, were breathtaking.

But my favorite part of the night came when D and I left the hotel and went to the album release party of Vandaveer (alias of Mark Heidinger), an incredible musician and all-around nice guy. (He often plays with These United States, whose front man is friends with D from college.)

ANYWAY, last night, he was joined by Rose Guerin at a club near our house—and the duo was an incredible sight (and sound) to behold. Pure joy. I can’t give a more emphatic recommendation, especially for those of you who like feel-good alt-folk music.

This morning I discovered this video of Vandaveer in the 20th arrondisement of Paris where he (and TUS) ended up crashing a wedding celebration and playing a couple of songs. So cool.

Also beautiful: “However Many Takes it Takes

Of course, we had a late night, and now I’m a bit too tuckered to be out and about tonight. Tit for tat, I guess.

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