I Like Even Numbers

I just realized that yesterday marked my 1,600th blog post. Sheesh. What a bunch of gum-flapping.

On a related note, I just received my 1,965th comment. Not an even number…but still sort of pretty to look at.


4 responses to “I Like Even Numbers

  1. 1,966 – Even! Congrats! And I like all the “gum-flapping” – very entertaining :).

    On a side note, so excited to be the date of bridesmaid! Going to be so much fun – he is very excited.

    And unrelated to this post but rather a prior post… it’s your day, your way, sister! That’s my only piece of advice :).

    Happy long weekend!

  2. Whoo hoo! I’m pumped, too! It’s been fun to get everyone’s reactions this week (though two are still outstanding). I was so excited I couldn’t fall asleep last night.

    To your other point, I must not have been prepared for the ups and downs of wedding planning. But I feel like I’ve got my wits about me now and can concentrate on the fun instead of the frustration. And I do believe I’m going to adopt your motto as my mantra. šŸ™‚

  3. Your little “cast of characters” idea was adorable! I loved all the little wedding projects!

    And, it’s a good motto :). Just to ease your mind, we had the same ups and downs in the beginning, but as we got further into it, the ups and downs subsided. Now it’s time to bring on the fun (and the countdown!)…

    PS – Can’t wait to see your dress! Sounds like you’ve already picked it??

  4. Thank you! It was fun. And a good refresher course for DIY projects.

    I definitely have a couple top contenders for dresses! But I’m trying to keep an open mind and am looking forward to trying on LOTS of things.

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