Welcoming 2010

I couldn’t sum up 2009 any better than Kenzie Kate: “You were a beautiful party with the constant threat of a downpour.”

Goodbye, at long last, 2009 and hello, 2010! (Twenty-ten? Oh-ten? Two-thousand and ten?) There are so many exciting things ahead, I sometimes have a hard time staying focused. But I fully intend to blog about ’em here, as paying Expo86 a little more attention is one of my intentions for the coming year.

For real.

So let us get reacquainted, eh?

Let’s start with any good movies you’ve seen lately. My pick? Up In The Air with George Clooney. Really—don’t miss this one.


3 responses to “Welcoming 2010

  1. Well along with the million of other people, really enjoyed Avatar in 3-D. Great effects, with a touching story. Ferngully meets Dancing with Wolves (too abstract?)

    Also, it may not have gotten the best reviews but really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. Couldn’t get enough of RDJ/Jude Law combo.

  2. I can finally weigh in on Avatar—after two failed attempts, we saw it on Sunday.

    Smarter people than me have already offered commentary on the major themes of the movie (including colonialism, racism and religion/Christianity), so I won’t do that here. (Although, I will point you in the direction of this CNN story reporting on viewers becoming depressed and suicidal.)

    Instead, I’ll boil my thoughts down to three points:

    1. The technology is amazing; see this in 3-D ONLY.

    2. I’ve heard quite a few people equate Avatar to Dances with Wolves (including D whilst sitting in the theater) and I agree. The story, while relevant…has been done many times.

    3. Overall, I give it a B. Maybe a B+ on a good day.

  3. Hey i thought you might like our music… we are a swedish/british band and we play indie, pop, bossa nova,… we have been compared to many bands such as nouvelle vague, bird and the bee, lykke li, lily allen but i think we have our own style. hope you enjoy if you get round to listening. Thanks. zoe LM xx

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