New Music Tuesday: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start

[Hand to God, I wrote this yesterday.]

Children of the 80s recognize that mess of words as the player resurrection code in the video game Contra, which just happens to be the name of Vampire Weekend’s second album, released today in the U.S.

In sum: I was afraid the Vampire boys wouldn’t be able to surpass the fun and originality of their first album. Having seen them perform the hits live (VW was in a three-way tie for my favorite show attended in 2009*), my doubt climbed. But I’m relieved to say that Contra doesn’t disappoint. While it may not surpass the boys’ debut album, it’s certainly just as good.

Take a listen for yourself—and don’t be afraid to dance just a little bit.

[Jam of the Day]: Vampire Weekend, Horchata

*Tied with Ani DiFranco (seriously) and Vandaveer.


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