Oh, f*ck.

1. I hate making mistakes. But I’m human, so I do sometimes.

2. I made a wee mistake at work today.

3. “Wee” becomes “biggest f*cking thing next to Haiti” with my giant client.


And do you ever find when you’re so scared of making a mistake that you invariably do? It’s like diminished self-confidence infects the brain, spreads like cancer and impairs your judgment and ability to process normal sh*t.

D likes to say that hesitation is the root of all f*ck ups. I think over-analyizing is the root of mine.

[Jam of the Day]: Jens Lekman, F Word


One response to “Oh, f*ck.

  1. Hesitation is not the root of all fuck-ups, assumption is – so the say goes, I’m lead to believe. Sorry.

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