What Happens in DC During a Snow Storm

Our neighborhood blog summed it up pretty well with “Urban hipsters panic.” Just take a look at the line to get in to the grocery store. Before the last storm, I waited in line for at least a half hour to check out with my groceries and I thought I was going join the 8-year old next to me in a mid-aisle temper tantrum.

Despite having a grip of people coming over for the Superbowl on Sunday, D and I have skipped the grocery store so far. We have eggs, milk, bread, cheese, some veggies and frozen pizzas. We have enough booze to keep it interesting and a bunch of TV shows and movies in our instant Netflix queue. (I got D a Roku for Christmas at my friend Rachel‘s recommendation and we (or I?) LOVE it.) We have a bunch of wedding stuff, and who knows—maybe I’ll actually post a more detailed update?

Things could get crazy.

[UPDATE]:  Need bread? Forget about it. From DCist’s grocery store gallery.


2 responses to “What Happens in DC During a Snow Storm

  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. No sweat! Thanks for always staying on top of neighborhood goings-on.

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