For the Ladies: Hairstuffs

I have a thick head of hair, which I used to have thinned whenever I got a trim, making it manageable to wear down as long as I used a flat iron.

My hair stylist here is staunchly against thinning hair and ignores my pleas to get out the razor.

After having the best blowout ever, I sacked up and bought a round ceramic brush made of boar bristles. Surprisingly inexpensive and I haven’t used a flat iron in nearly a week. A WEEK!

I’m never going back. Start your search on Amazon.

Note: Beware of brushes with uber soft rubber handles. It can pull hair when drying. Ouch.


10 responses to “For the Ladies: Hairstuffs

  1. I don’t know what I’d do without mine! Aren’t they great? When I first started using one, it took me 45 minutes to dry my whole head but then I got smart and learned to pre dry my hair until its about 80% dry prior to using the round brush. I call it parboiling if you will :). It goes much faster now. Anyway, I’ve been using one for about 6 years, and I never ever will go back! Oh and, the brushes last forever. I probably only have to replace every few years.

  2. HA! Parboiling. I love it. And definitely key. I usually don’t have time to do a lot of towel drying, so I do an all over dry with fingers and dryer before bringing out the brush. Nozzles are also helpful (but mine is currently MIA).

    Apparently I had been using a ceramic brush for a couple of years but it wasn’t doing the trick. The upgrade has definitely paid off.

    I only wish someone had told me about ceramic brushes sooner.

  3. You have such great hair that I sort of assumed that you already used one! Now you’ll have even more beautiful “loofs” (that’s what James and I call hair). Speaking of James… we are all booked for Iowa – yippee!

  4. Haha. I totally recall “loofs” and sometimes cringe when one hits my foot in the shower. But I totally thought a hair stylist would have recommended one to me over the years. Ah, well. It’s on now!

    Yay, Iowa! I’m pumped to see you guys!

  5. OMG – Hair in shower is almost equivalent in mind as a cockroach in shower. How psychotic is that? Are we insane? Um, anyway. SUPER excited for the Iowa nuptials! July is just around the corner :).

  6. Ok…I need one of these but there are so many choices on the amazon site. Throw me a bone here and recommend a specific one please. 🙂 As you know my hair is a fro and I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  7. @Kristi: Well, now that I’ve actually had to deal with cockroaches, I think I’d prefer a hair in the shower. That said, I still violently attack my pillow/face if I ever feel a stray ‘loof’ about! Surely there has to be more people out there like us.

    @Rachel: I haven’t found my latest brush online anywhere, but these two both look similar to the one my stylist uses. I’d go with something around 55mm, which has worked when my hair is short or long. (In fact, my stylist has even used it to create super cute waves in my hair when short. It is magical.)

    I can recommend against this brush, which is what I had been using for the last year. Maybe I just didn’t have the technique down…but it never did the trick for me.

    Kristi, any recommendations for my friend Rachel?

  8. Hi! Good reccos! I have one I really like but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. I will look at it when I get home and let you ladies know.

    Rachel, welcome to the good hair club :). These brushes are definitely “magical” as Megan noted!

  9. Thanks Megan…I have my first “real” hair appointment in a long tonight and I’ll be getting one of these brushes for sure!

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