On Friends

We’re sending out a few save the dates, mostly to friends and relatives who live far away and with whom we don’t have regular contact.

I’m addressing envelopes in the kitchen and D is in the living room with his good friend who he met while living in Korea (and we visited last year in Boston).

Our weekend visitor has me thinking two things + addressing envelopes brings two things to mind:

1. D has such a great circle of friends. I’m so thankful for that—and that they’ve welcomed me as warmly as they have. I really love these guys and gals.

2. I never thought in a million years that some of these people would be at my wedding. You know those guys from the neighboring high school who were a little bit older and that all your friends had crushes on? Yeah. They’re on our guest list. I should probably give my girlfriends a heads up.


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