Wedding Nightmares

D: I had a bad dream about the wedding last night.
M: Oh yeah?
D: Yeah. Everything went wrong.
M: Like what?
D: Like, I didn’t show up to photos and everything got screwed up.
M: Well, it’ll be impossible for you to miss photos, so don’t worry about that.
D: I also got pissed at you for taking off your wedding dress before we even got to the reception. You said it was uncomfortable.
M: Hmm. That’s interesting.
D: Why’s that?
M: Because when I had it on the other day, I was ready to take it off after 40 minutes of wear time.*
D: You better keep that dress on, Megan.

I actually stopped having nightmares about the wedding a couple months ago. It’s not because I’m any more confident that something won’t go wrong—in fact, I’m confident we won’t have a flawless day.

We’re planning a wedding from a thousand miles away during the peak of Iowa summer (hello, hellish 2008); we’re still trying to hire a design coordinator (whose work I likely won’t be able to see until I walk into the reception on July 10) and it doesn’t look like the guy doing our music for the ceremony will make the rehearsal.

But we’ll do the best we can. I’ll be busting my ass in the next four months to make sure we’re as hiccup-free as we can be—but feel pretty OK knowing that if something does go wrong, I’ll have my favorite people around to help me laugh it off.

What say you, married folks? Did you have any nightmares prior to your wedding? What stuff were you afraid would go wrong? Did anything go wrong during your event? Did it even matter?

*TMI, but I had wretched PMS, and it wasn’t even my dress—it was the sample, which means it was giant and clipped to my body in odd places, hence the discomfort. I try on the real thing next month and I’m positive wearing something that actually fits will make all the difference in the world.

4 responses to “Wedding Nightmares

  1. Oooohh yes, there were plenty of pre-wedding nightmares – all mostly funny though because they were so outrageous. One that stands out… I showed up at the altar in a red, metallic dress. I looked like a hot mess. And James thought I looked amazing! Nightmare.

    I wasn’t really worried about things going wrong during the whole event because whether you plan the wedding from afar or from right around the corner, something inevitably will go wrong. So like you, I prepared myself for that. I think I mostly worried about my out-of-town family and friends not making it in due to weather, people not having fun, J and I crying too much, or getting my “monthly lady friend” (which would be hell), etc, etc.

    Things that actually did go wrong…

    My dress was slightly too big (and it definitely fit at my last fitting).

    The limos we ordered were so high off the ground that you needed a little ladder to get in (the guy swore he’d send low riders so that our blue hair family members could get in an out easily).

    Due to said too-high-limos, my 81-year-old grandma hurt her ankle getting out of the limo, didn’t tell anyone, walked down the aisle and danced the night away with the injury. Was in the ER Sunday morning.

    Our friend from Florida passed out in his hotel room the night of the wedding due to the Mile High altitude and ended up with a major concussion (and a bump on his head the size of Rhode Island).

    James and I arrived to our reception in our photographers Subaru! It was comical (Limos took all our friends and family to the reception).

    During family pictures – all the old grandparents were wandering around uncontrollably (ADHD!) – we couldn’t contain them. And then once we did – none of them looked at the camera. We hardly got any good pictures with the old folks. It was hilarious.

    And that’s pretty much it in terms of major things. I am sure there were a bunch of little things, but I made a conscious effort to not care and to enjoy every minute once October 9th arrived (the day of the rehearsal)…

    No worries, friend. Your wedding will be amazing! And you’ll be surprised at how much you care about the “what ifs” leading up to the event and then how much you soooo don’t care when it actually arrives. You go into a complete state of bliss… it’s wonderful :).

  2. Dang. I just blabbed away on your blog! Sorry that was long.

  3. No apologies—I loved it! I would’ve emailed you eventually, or asked you 20 questions come June. I’m pretty sure I’m going to collapse in a state of relief upon seeing you all.

    I had no idea about your dress or any of those other items (well, except the hotel fall). Poor grandma! But I love your transport method to the reception. (And am still thankful you let us hitch a ride back to the hotel in the limo!)

    My dress not fitting is a lingering concern. Given the snug factor, there is little room for error. But some of my bigger concerns are fading into the backdrop as I plan more and start focusing on the getting married part. And hey, if things go wrong, at least we’ll have something to laugh about.

    As for the dreams, mine have also been about ridiculous things, like getting married in the wrong dress or forgetting to invite anyone. My colleague said his wife had a dream that one of their relatives hopped on the train of her dress and rode it all the way down the aisle! So funny.

  4. We are all so excited! We had brunch with Cassie and Eric last Sunday and we blabbed and blabbed about your wedding and how fun it’s going to be!! So, we are excited to see you too!

    See, I should have had them do my dress a little snug – I should have known myself well enough to know that when I am super busy I burn calories at a rapid rate. So – you’re probably better off with the dress a little snug. That would be my do-over if I had the chance to redo.

    OMG – that is the funniest dream ever! Riding down the aisle on the brides train – how hilarious is that?!

    PS – The ride back to the hotel in the limo with all of our friends was actually so much fun! We were excited that it worked out that way :).

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