Team Bob! (Family Email Part Two)

Some of you might remember my family email situation from a couple years back. Nothing has changed, except maybe the frequency at which I check that particular email account and the filter I created in Gmail to send any wayward messages back to where they came from. (Thanks, Google!)

And because I still get irritated when family members send racially-charged jokes, unsubstantiated health claims, ridiculous political propaganda and sappy chain letters, I cherish the days when one of my relatives actually responds in retaliation.

This time, one of my great aunts sent a chain letter of the you-just-unknowngly-shunned-Jesus-at-the-supermarket-and-now-you’re-screwed variety. But not nearly as screwed as you are if you don’t forward this message to 10 people right freaking now.

Tonight her son Bob decided not only to tell Ma what was up, but to come out of the closet to his extended family as well. You can’t make up stuff like this.

I get angry when all e-mails like this state that if you do not forward or respond, you do not care. Come on people. Enough is enough. [L]ife sucks. We all make decisions in life. Everyone’s life is different. I still get pissed off with my life and how it unfolded. My life is finally taking a turn for the better as Bill has come into my life and I thank GOD for him. I have had many problems growing up in a small town hiding my feelings and scared that someone would shoot me or beat the crap out of me but it is time to move on. That’s it… No MORE.

I’ve never met Bob, but I officially love the guy. And I think it’s time I contacted him to offer my support…and know-how of the magic email filter.


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