When the Man’s Away…

As D’s starting day three of his bachelor weekend in Vegas (eeps!*), I’m here in DC enjoying fantastic weather and the craziness of two weekend protests and a marathon. Given that it’s slightly challenging to get out and around today, I’ll be running the errands I can, enjoying some time in Dupont Circle and working on some wedding projects—including addressing a few invitations.

Here’s a peek!

Yeah. Clearly not having fun over here or anything. 🙂

* I have to say that when people—colleagues, people whose neighborhood shops we frequent, etc.—learn of D’s whereabouts, I get a look that’s equal parts “he’s disgusting” and “you’re an idiot.” I find this interesting. Do they think I don’t know and trust this guy at all? He included the wave pool as one of three highlights of the weekend, for crying out loud. As long as he doesn’t bet our wedding budget on basketball, I’m going to stay a happy gal.

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