The Chippendale Chair

I’m too scared to look up the history and etymology of “Chippendale chair,” but is this where the male erotic dancers* took their name?

* I saw a male strip show once. It was in college and a bunch of my girlfriends and I went to the gay bar to see them perform because we thought it’d be hilarious. Two things happened: 1) I was revolted (rather than amused) by all the flopping, and 2) the dancers were straight and therefore paid no attention to the gay patrons. This angered said patrons and shortly after the performance began, the DJ screeched the music to a stop and proclaimed that there’d be “no more straight dancers in the gay bar.” The dancing stopped and things got incredibly awkward.

UPDATE 3/25/2010 2:15 ET: Chippendale strikes again! This time, after a chat with my florist on wedding flowers. Take a look at the Chippendale rose.


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