Lately: A Big Ball of Gratefulness

I went to bed late last night and must have forgotten to set my alarm. When I woke up on my own, I rolled over and saw this.

I didn’t even care that I was late. I was just overcome with thanks. Which is pretty much where I’ve been at for the last few weeks. Despite everything that’s been going on, I’ve felt more relaxed and glass half full than I have in a long time.

Speaking of the wedding, our invites are just about ready to make their way to our recipients and we are zeroing in on a honeymoon destination. Since we’re taking a full two weeks to travel, our original idea was to break the trip into two legs. Now, we’re thinking of axing the first leg and doing it as a first anniversary trip, which gives us plenty to look forward to.

We also bought our wedding rings! We hadn’t planned on it, but ended up loving what we saw and pulled the trigger. They’ll be here in a few weeks. It’ll be hard not to wear mine around. It’s so pretty! We’re going home for a shower at the end of the month, around the same time I start dress fittings. (Confession: I’ve been wishy washy about my dress in recent weeks and am anxious to try it on so I can stop feeling anxious about it.)  Something tells me it’ll all kick into high gear after that.

Last but not least on the wedding docket, my maid of honor and best friend since third grade got engaged over the weekend. I’m excited for her and looking forward to more wedding talk!

I’ve also been feeling like this summer could be our last hurrah in DC. It seems like many of our friends are considering moving on to other opportunities, and as most of you know, D and I have been considering the same. We have no plans at this point, but are still shooting for Colorado.

However, it turns out jobs aren’t super plentiful for D out there, and to be honest, I’m having a hard time going after anything with the wedding coming up in 95 days. I’m also not crazy about a situation wherein I move back to Denver for a job and D stays here until he finds something. Being on my old stomping ground with my friends but not D? It’d be like the Twilight Zone. And during our first year of marriage to boot.  Bah. Not thrilled about it. So we’ll see how the next few weeks unfold and go from there.

In the meantime, we both have jobs, which we are very thankful for most of the time. Anytime I stop feeling thankful, I’ll flip to this photo on my phone and remember that life ain’t too shabby.


2 responses to “Lately: A Big Ball of Gratefulness

  1. I vote you move to IC!!!!!

  2. Haha. You really never know what may come along. I’m not TOTALLY opposed to it… 🙂

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