Thirty Minutes

My parents are using the afternoon to frantically pack up our house so that they can hand over the keys to new owners tomorrow. (No, my mom hasn’t really been able to get it together before today and yes, my dad has offered his assistance many times prior to today.)

It’s overcast and chilly at home today, and according to reports, the items that haven’t been sold from our garage are getting the heave-ho given there’s not time to save everything. I’m picturing this happening in our backyard where the lilac bush has begun to wilt as it can do about this time of year.

I’m going to give myself a solid 30 minutes to feel sad about this and then go back to feeling like the most fortunate kid on the block.

Wallowing soundtrack:

Vandaveer, Beverly Cleary’s 115th Dream

Bon Iver, Blood Bank (footage from the sunrise show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery)

(Suggestions are open for a post-wallow soundtrack.)


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