Updated: The Bridal Shower

Photos from my bridal shower earlier this month are starting to trickle in, and even though this isn’t the world’s greatest photo of me (ever the narcissist), I had to share it because I adore D’s little cousin M. We got to be better buddies over the holidays and I about died when I saw her do her “Project Runway” walk using D’s parents’ hallway as a catwalk. (Her dad and little brother followed suit.)

M was a big help during my shower. Once gift opening started, sat on the chair with me and helped me unwrap. She eventually wandered off, but returned a few minutes later and stopped the shower in its tracks by standing in front of me flashing a toothy grin and holding her hands behind her back.

“Megan,” she said. “I have something for you.” She pulled out a handpicked bouquet of dandelions and there were awwws all around. She then (very politely) asked me if it’d be OK to take them home with her after I was done with them, so we put them in some water and opened the rest of the gifts.

UPDATED: Post and you shall receive—shortly after publishing this, I received a bunch of shower photos including:

Shots of our mothers and my grandma.

Me orchestrating bridal bingo (to my surprise, the bible study group was the raunchiest of them all!)

(That’s D’s sister and her little boy who just turned 1! He handled the chaos of ladies quite well.)

Me with my awesome hostesses, who are long-time friends of D’s mothers.

These ladies were total pros at the shower thing and kept my cup full of mimosa to calm any jitters. Having not met many of the people who were at my shower, I was a little nervous going in. Plus, how nerve-wracking is it to sit and open presents with all eyes on you? Turns out, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I had a ton of fun and was overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and their friends.

While I’m way (WAY) excited about the new additions for our home, the greatest gifts included an antique old “In the Doghouse” wall fixture that used to reside at D’s beloved grandparents house. Each of D’s cousins had a dog with their name on it, and given that D was the only boy cousin, the girls frequently stuck “D” in the doghouse. In fact, when they removed it from their grandparents house after they passed, D was still in there—and that’s exactly how it was given to me. How cool that they’d pass it on to me.

The second was a homemade recipe storybook, featuring best-loved stories and recipes from our family members. D’s mom started making recipe pages years ago, and in 2008 created a pie storybook for local charities that raised more than $20k for local charities (I have $25k stuck in my head but could not corroborate the number via Gmail).

It was such a huge surprise to see our family recipes alongside photos and relevant stories. All rules about public crying have gone out the window for me in recent months, and this was no exception. Some of my favorite pages included D’s baby and little kid pictures—I’d never seen them! Ah, it was so dang cute I just wanted to die. My favorite page might of been the story of D’s birth. Inset was a photo of newborn D…and a photo of their family dog as a puppy with a caption of how much they loved her. The kicker? The dog didn’t come along until D was in 9th grade. 🙂

I just love it, and can’t wait to fill it with our own stories and recipes.

2 responses to “Updated: The Bridal Shower

  1. i just stumbled on this site and am very happy to see you so happy! congrats on your engagement and beaucoups de bonheur!

  2. Quelle bonne suprise et merci beaucoup! I hope you guys are doing well! 🙂

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