Mama Bear Visits the District

My mom was here over the weekend and we had quite the itinerary. On Friday, I sent her to my friend and hairstylist who gave her a sleek new ‘do, and then it was off to my second dress fitting—which was the first time my mom had seen the dress. Can’t share photos from that, obviously, but I was happy she was finally able to see it. This time next month, the dress will likely be hanging in my apartment, ready for its trip to Iowa!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out to Annapolis for a morning of water skiing with D and our friend C (whose house I lived in last year while she was away). I stayed out of the water (cold + afraid of hurting myself six weeks before the nuptials), but we had a great time touring the river and watching D take his first dip.

We ate some fresh seafood before coming back to DC and doing a bit of shopping, while D and one of our very best men rounded up groceries for a home cooked meal. I wish I had Mom’s photos; we didn’t ham it up or anything. Mom and D ended up beating the pants off of K and I in cards, which meant treating them to gelato. (Which makes us all winners, right?)

Sunday we took Mom around to the National Cathedral and down to the White House and took a seat on the bench from where we called our families minutes after getting engaged.

Mom departed yesterday afternoon and we tried to get back in the swing of things by doing some honeymoon planning (sofrigginexcited). This morning, D was looking at getting our flights reserved and this may or may not have happened:

I tell ya. It’s a good thing I’m taking my maiden name as my middle name. That he can remember. 🙂

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