I just have to brag a minute and say that my bachelorette weekend was AWESOME*…at least for me. To be honest, it was the first time in a long time where I wasn’t overly concerned about other people—I just enjoyed my pals.


  • Seeing everyone for the first time in a very. Long. Time. If you can believe it, L Boogie and I hadn’t seen each other in three years, something that won’t, by the way, happen again. (Did I mention she got engaged four days prior to the trip?!) I found myself staring at them a lot. I think I drunkenly considered spooning K at one point, I was so happy to wake up next to her.
  • The interactions between my friends. Mixing friend groups can be interesting, and not always for the better. But the weekend seemed almost seamless to me, and I already know of emails, texts and Facebook friending that occurred the day we all returned home. One of our DC/Chicago friends even opened her home to one of our DC/LA friends, which was beyond awesome. Everyone also took turns attending to my mom while I mingled, which was hugely appreciated.
  • The train. I stayed with my maid of honor at her place in Milwaukee for a night, and the next morning we milled around, got coffee, had our rings cleaned…and got soaked on the way into the Amtrak station. The image of her sopping wet with a hoodie hanging over her face as she checked us in for the trip is forever burned into my brain. Our fellow passengers were interesting (the lady behind us had a loud conversation with her lover, which ended with her telling him that she would send him “lots of hot, sexy messages”), and it was fun to look bridal magazines and talk about ideas my MOH had for her big day. Oh. And we may have ended the trip with a car accident in the Amtrak parking lot. Whoops.
  • Closing down the bar at the Penninsula hotel. I won’t drone on with inside jokes, but suffice it to say, drinks were had, quips were plentiful and time disappeared quicker than I wanted it to.
  • The underwear shower. I thought I’d be exempted from this seeing as I have guys as bridesmaids, but no. And I’m glad I wasn’t. It was so, so funny. The shower in general was much more fun than I thought it would be. (It also featured a surprise game involving D on video, which was pretty awesome.)
  • Second City. I’ve wanted to go since I first read Say Goodnight, Gracie in junior high (you know you love that book. I still own a copy. So great.), and it didn’t disappoint. We saw The Absolute Best Friggin’ Time of Your Life, which I highly recommend.

I came home exhausted, but feeling more ready than ever to get hitched. I had my last dress fitting last night and can finally say that I love that dress! I brought a veil home last night and wore it around the house. It grew on me and D loved it. So I’m wearing one for the ceremony. Case closed.

*To be fair, I did have one meltdown (sorry, Cassie) when we were trying to make it on time to the architectural boat tour. My hangover, family dynamics and my extreme annoyance with arriving late at two of the day’s events got the better of me. But it was literally smooth sailing after that.


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