Lately (8 Days!)

The two week mark for the wedding has come and gone, and we spent this past weekend trying to pull together as many last-minute items as possible before we finish up our last five days of work and head off to three full weeks of vacation. We are so lucky!

And work has been challenging. D has been working well over 60 hours a week for months, and my firm lost two major clients, causing some folks to find other jobs before layoffs occurred. Last week, I lost three colleagues in 48 hours. No shortage of work for me, either.

So there has been some stress. The week I got back from Chicago, I woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating toothache. It turns out that jaw-clenching problem my dentist warned me about a few months ago had caused major nerve inflammation.

Two weeks and $450 later, I avoided surgery and am rocking a super sweet mouth guard at night. It’s sexy and a miracle worker. I am waking up sans headache and am chewing food on the right side of my mouth for the first time in about nine months.

I also picked up my dress, which is currently hanging in my living room. (We have limited storage and it won’t fit in our closet.) They offered to set the dress in a full bust (allowing it to stand up on its own), and I’m really regretting not taking the bridal salon up on it. I would’ve had a lot of fun moving that thing around to different corners of the house.

We completed D’s wedding outfit last Sunday after a trip to Neiman Marcus. I’m not kidding; I think he’s going to look better than me, and I am totally fine with it. Who doesn’t love a hot groom?

Yes, we have a lot left to do and organize from home next week…however, my mood from Monday until this morning has gone from being a concentrated ball of nerves and stress (my hair stylist said Tuesday night: “Megan, I’ve never seen you like this before. You need to chill.”) to being really damn excited.

I think it’s just about party time.


2 responses to “Lately (8 Days!)

  1. Dang, girl! Your hair dresser was right. Not sure how many people are coming to your wedding but I would imagine your wolf pack is increasing significantly in 6 short days :). Everything is going to be awesome – no matter what! See you in Iowa!

    PS – Glad the tooth is better!

  2. Totally! I’m feeling much better now, inside and out.

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