GaGa, Ooh La La

So we’re back and trying to get acclimated to normal life without the wedding. I’ll have a lot to say about the latter at some point, but for the moment, I’m coming with a couple of things, one of which is not like the others.

1. It has surprisingly been noticeable to go from drinking great wine with dinner every night to not drinking wine at all. While standing in line at Whole Foods tonight, I kept gazing at the wine, imagining how awesome it would taste with dinner. Am I going half on an alcoholic?

2. Toward the end of our honeymoon, D and I somehow came out of the closet with our shared love for Lady Gaga. When we got home, we learned that two of our close [guy] friends (they were in the wedding party) were also hiding their love for Gaga. What this means is that I’ve watched the video for “Bad Romance” more than a dozen times in the last four days. I’ll be honest, she kind of scares me. On the other hand, anyone who gets wasted and naked at a Yankees game is pretty harmless. Not that I speak from experience, but tequila’s a hell of a drug.

3. My adoration for the Gentle Barn has been growing for weeks, and it’s gotten to the point that I’m mentally planning future vacations with our non-existent kids around it. I love what they’re doing and think it’s so important to rehabilitate abused animals and teach kids how to be compassionate for living things. (Side note: my future kids will also never step foot in a pet store, a petting zoo or a circus.)

So let’s go ahead and watch “Bad Romance” for the third fourth time today.


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