Ah, The Rings

It’s been almost four weeks since D and I tied the knot, and the only trouble we’ve had has been with D’s wedding ring.

So far it’s been:

  • Forgotten on our coffee table at home*
  • Nearly eaten by an elevator shaft
  • Trapped underneath a parked car in Paris (I thought it was a goner for sure)

The issue seems to be two-fold:

1. The ring is slightly too big for him

2. Aside from a watch, D has never worn jewelry

Both of these things mean that when he’s wearing it, he tends to play with it. And that’s when things happen.

I can sort of sympathize. It took me at least three months to get accustomed to wearing an engagement ring, and for most of that time, it was about a full size too big. I still take it off when I shower and when I prepare food. (I think the latter is a mental thing, but I can’t stand handling meat anyway, let alone thinking about it getting stuck in all the tiny stones.) In full disclosure, I have removed my wedding band on rare occasion, such as hiking through the Alps and cleaning chicken (barf).

I’m cutting him some slack for now, with the hope that it will feel more normal once we size it down a bit. Did it take any of you some time to get comfortable wearing rings? Or are we just weird?

*This happened this morning. I told him he was in the dog house. He asked why, to which I replied, “Look at your left hand.”  His response: [expletive].


One response to “Ah, The Rings

  1. Normal!

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