Back in the Saddle

We’re home and married. 🙂

I had a nice first week back at work…and then things started heating up. I had lunch with an old colleague. It went something like this:

Him: I know you said you didn’t want to work for another agency in DC.

Me: Right.

Him: I think you should come in and interview for this job.

Me: Ha. No.

Him: Just talk our recruiter. She’s a friend of mine.

Me: OK.

So I talked to the recruiter.

Me: You guys know my long-term plans don’t include living in Washington, DC, right?

Her: Yep. I think you should come in anyway.

WTF, right? So I’m going tomorrow with very low expectations but my networking* pants squarely on. Maybe it’ll get us closer to where we’d like to be, and maybe it’ll just be an opportunity to dust off my interviewing skills.

Did I mention I had an emergency root canal yesterday morning? Yeah. Don’t be fooled when your dentist nonchalantly refers you to a specialist for a “small procedure to remove some tissue.” They are talking about drilling a hole up through your tooth and raking its guts out through said hole.

Wish me luck tomorrow—and us luck as we try to make some stuff happen in the next few months. You didn’t think we were going to get married, come back home and get all soft** and lazy*** did you?

*People do that here. Lots of mixers and ad nights. They are different here than, say, Denver. That’s because the people are different here. Very. Different.

**D is training for a marathon. For reals.

***Tonight I had my first M&M in about six months. But still hitting the gym, so it’s cool.


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